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Stephenie Magister

Stephenie Magister is a transgender editor for USA Today best-selling and award-winning books who uses her ten plus years of experience to empower diversity throughout media. She runs the Medium columns DEAR CISTERS and TRANSGENDER SOAPBOX, where she writes the transgender version of Dear Abbey/Savage Love letter responses, queer retellings of popular characters like The Little Mermaid, and memoir shorts about growing up as a young trans girl in the deep South (it was hard, okay?). She hasn’t made a movie ever since her high school drama teacher gave her Highlander transgender short film a B- (she killed it as Connie McLeod). So instead, she now makes a living at Stephenie Edits, where she coaches writers of all levels of experience on how to connect with what moves them about storytelling—and how they can move their readers just as deeply. If you need help finishing your story, selling it, or just feeling good about writing again, go to If you want everything else…there’s always room for one more on the Transgender Soapbox.