12 Screenwriting Lessons from the Masters of TV Comedy

From her interviews with more than 50 comedy screenwriters, author Paula Finn shares valuable advice for success.


The Secrets of Successful Scriptwriters in Hollywood

Vic Gerami interviews 30-year industry veteran, Jeff Kitchen, where he explains the art, craft, and business of bankable scriptwriting.


TV Writer Podcast 116 – Tawnya Bhattacharya, Founder of Script Anatomy

This week, host Gray Jones interviews Tawnya Bhattacharya, founder of the #1 TV writing school in the USA, Script Anatomy.


TV Writer Podcast 114 - Cameron Johnson (Empire, Zoe Ever After)

This week, host Gray Jones interviews Cameron Johnson, TV writer on 'Empire' and 'Zoe Ever After,' who has sold several pilots.

ZackFordPhoto Script-Article

How I Hijacked Hollywood or: How I Sold A Screenplay

Screenwriter Zack Ford provides a comical look behind-the-scenes on how he sold his spec script WATCHER to Hollywood.


INTERVIEW: 'Cherry' Screenwriter Jessica Goldberg

Susan Kouguell speaks with screenwriter Jessica Goldberg about her work as a playwright, and the process of collaborating and adapting her new film 'Cherry' from the book to the screen.


INTERVIEW: 'Son of the South' Writer/Director Barry Alexander Brown

Susan Kouguell speaks with 'Son of the South' Writer, Director and Editor Barry Alexander Brown, about the film that was twelve years in the making, the adaptation process, and how his background as an editor informed his work as a screenwriter.

Essential Entertainment Workers-SM Post2021

Essential Entertainment Workers: From Writers to PAs

Daniel Scaparti's new book "Gofers" offers a gritty overview of the hard work and humble lifestyle of some of the most essential people on any motion picture project: the PAs.


In The Company of (Historical) Women, Part 2

In this second and final installment of The 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project, Devon Ellington speaks with a selection of participants and why the historical female figure they chose resonates with their writing.

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Requiem for Rehab: 'Body Brokers' Will Open Your Eyes to What Really Happens in Recovery Centers

You hear “indie movie about drug addicts”, you might think “oh, here we go again”, but 'Body Brokers' is not your typical indie with drug addicts in it. Thuc Nguyen speaks with writer-director John Swab about his new film based on his real-life experiences as a recovering drug addict who was “brokered” and who “did some brokering”.


Ask the Coach: Your Writing Questions, Answered

In this monthly column, Jenna Avery will be answering your questions, anonymously, about navigating the ups and downs of writing, being a writer, and living a writer’s life, specific to your unique circumstances.


INTERVIEW: Tiller Russell, Writer/Director of 'Silk Road'

Andrew Bloomenthal interviews 'Silk Road' writer/director Tiller Russell about the real-life rise and fall of cyber drug honcho Ross Ulbricht.

HealthandSafetySCRIPT-Blog (1)

It Depends – Health and Safety and You

The considerations that fall under the health and safety banner aren’t the most glamorous, nor the most creative or even seam the most efficient financially, but they are essential to the successful completion of a project with the barest minimum risk of life, limb and dollars in the long run. Especially in times like these, considerations of keeping a film environment as healthy and safe as possible is paramount. And how do you as the writer fit in? It depends...


INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Interview with "Palmer" Screenwriter Cheryl Guerriero

'Palmer' is one of those films you watch and watch again, not because of the glitz and glamour - it's far from it. It's because of the connection to the characters and slice of life story. We have screenwriter Cheryl Guerriero to thank for that. Through her ten-year journey to getting this movie made, she proves that perseverance, endurance, and talent are key components to making your passion project.


The Great Paradox of Creativity

The great paradox is this: Constraints cultivate creativity.