ASK DR. FORMAT: The Camera as a Character

Dave Trottier, Dr. Format, shares advice on how to format your screenplay to implement a "cameraman" as an actual participant in a scene.

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COMEDY WRITING: Fine-Tuning Flaws to Make Characters Timely

Producers and development executives love timely stories because they resonate with modern viewers and today’s hot topics are a great marketing hook. But, fresh stories should be driven by fresh characters—tweaking a psychological flaw can help with that.


Writing Sci-Fi for Broadcast

Script contributor Tara Bennett speaks with current sci-fi showrunners Jeff Rake (Manifest), Chris Sheridan (Resident Alien), J.H. Wyman (Debris) and Todd Helbing (Superman & Lois) about how they’ve approached making successful, mainstream sci-fi TV today.


The Structure of WandaVision

Whether it’s the dialogue you want to learn more about, or the structure, or aesthetic, 'WandaVision' will be worthy of study by writers for a long time. Bryan Young examines the storytelling techniques used in the nine-part Disney+ series.


Is Data Now More Important Than Relationships in Hollywood?

“It’s who you know.” That’s an apt quote for making it in the entertainment industry. But why? Primarily, because of trust and efficiency.


Meet Medical TV Advisor Dr. Oren Gottfried

Neurosurgeon Dr. Oren Gottfried shares his journey from working as a surgeon to offering his expertise and wealth of knowledge to hit medical TV dramas like 'The Good Doctor' and 'Chicago Med', as well as his path to his first 'story by' credit.


INDIE SPOTLIGHT: 'Take Out Girl' Director/Co-Writer Hisonni Johnson

Script's Editor Sadie Dean interviews 'Take Out Girl' director/co-writer Hisonni Johnson about his filmmaking journey starting out in Milwaukee, surrounded by a crack epidemic and gang violence, to picking up his first camera, moving to Los Angeles, and creating universal stories for people by the people.


Where Genre Has No Limits: Spotlight on Screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy

In this news column, Script contributor Nanea Taylor shines the spotlight on screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy.


Writer Sings the Blues

Writer doldrums are usually transient and can serve as story fodder if you know how to manage them. Terri Coduri Viani shares inspirational tips from her writing tribe on how to overcome your writer blues.


Fresh Voices in Script Development

How can the intimacy of the live theatre experience sustain during the pandemic? The connection forged between audience and production is unique to each performance. Theatres are finding unique ways to develop plays within these strictures and unknowns.

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Script Talk with WOCUnite #StartWith8Hollywood Mentorship Program

In this new video series, host Cherry Davis will speak with mentees and mentors from WOCUnite and #StartWith8Hollywood, about their writing journeys, how they got involved with the mentorship program and so much more!


Reckless Creatives Podcast - EP1 Spooning Failure

What better way to launch a new podcast for artists than to lament about failure right out of the gate. Hosted by Sadie Dean of Script Magazine and Jeanne Veillette Bowerman of Pipeline Artists.


INTERVIEW: ‘High Ground’ Director Stephen Maxwell Johnson

A movie twenty years in the making, director Stephen Maxwell Johnson shares insight his filmmaking journey, the inspiration and research behind making 'High Ground' and what’s next in store for him.


UNDERSTANDING SCREENWRITING: Three Screenwriting Nominations and One Coulda

Tom has three films nominated for Oscars for screenwriting and one that could have been: 'Nomadland', 'Minari', 'Promising Young Woman', and 'Ammonite'.


Dorothy Parker: Born to be a Star of Poignant and Pointed Word Play

Celebrating the Female Screenwriters Who Came Before Us: Dorothy Parker


INDIE SPOTLIGHT: 'What Lies West' Writer/Director Jessica Ellis

'What Lies West' writer/director Jessica Ellis shares insight about her journey to making her directorial feature debut, crowdfunding, and her future in directing.