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For Kids of All Ages: Writing The Family Script That Will Sell

Every writer knows that writing is hard but writing for children can be incredibly hard. This live webinar will cover the necessary ingredients to create a family-friendly narrative screenplay structure that is both compelling and appropriate.

How to Inspire Stronger Writing – Listen to Music and Read Song Lyrics-Script

How to Inspire Stronger Writing – Listen to Music and Read Song Lyrics

There’s a lot to be learned from good songwriters. Their ability to reveal character, deliver a sense of mood and tone, and strike at the heart of an emotional experience in a couple of sentences is remarkable.


Shaping Reality: An Interview with Prolific Emmy-Nominated Television Creator and Producer Mark Cronin

In this informative and candid interview, prolific reality television producer Mark Cronin shares with Scrip how he got his start in reality TV, from starting out as a comedy writer on 'The Howard Stern Show', the responsibility a reality TV producer carries in finding and shaping stories, and what he hopes the future of reality TV looks like.


Curating a Mood and Tone Utilizing Music and Character with 'Yellowjackets' Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson

'Yellowjackets' Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson speak with Script's Editor Sadie Dean about their creative collaboration and partnership, scripting music into their work, and putting together their writer's room. Plus, they both share invaluable advice about being in a writing partnership, definitely worth taking note of!

3 Keys to Your Success in 2022

3 Keys to Your Success in 2022

Script contributor Dave Trottier shares three actionable objectives to set yourself up for success as a screenwriter.


Believing in the Writer's Voice with Verve Agent and Partner David Boxerbaum

In this intimate conversation with David Boxerbaum, a renowned Verve Agent and Partner, he discusses with Script's Editor Sadie Dean his thoughts on the future of the spec market, the working relationship between managers and agents, and he addresses the elephant in the room question “what does an agent really do, and do I need one?” and so much more.

Tandem Writing on the Open Road-Script

Tandem Writing on the 'Open Road'

Chicago-based writers Rocco Cataldo and Amy Guth discuss how they collaborated on their script, Open Road, which recently earned Best Screenplay honors at the 2021 Los Angeles TV, Script & Film Festival.

C'mon-C'mon-Courtesy of A24

How Fatherhood and Asking Uncomfortable Questions Shaped the Storytelling Behind 'C'mon C'mon' with Writer-Director Mike Mills

'C'mon C'mon' writer-director Mike Mills talks about his approach to storytelling, what he taps into personally and emotionally to create worlds and the characters that inhabit them, about his filmmaking influences, and being comfortable with being honest on the page.

3 Keys to Your Success in 2022

3 Keys to Your Success in 2022

Script contributor Dave Trottier shares three actionable objectives to set yourself up for success as a screenwriter.


Ask the Coach: How Much Should I Plan My Writing Time?

Script contributor Jenna Avery shares seven ways to plan a productive and consistent writing routine in this month's 'Ask the Coach'.

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SPENCER-Photo by Pablo Larraín

How 'SPENCER' Screenwriter Steven Knight Created Surrealism by Heightening Reality

'SPENCER' screenwriter Steven Knight talks about pivoting away from biopic conventions, creating a specific timeline and storyline structure, finding the narrative in the details, and the distinct connection between Anne Boleyn and Princess Diana.


TV Writer Podcast 127 - TV / Comic Writer Jay Faerber (Supergirl, Zoo, Ringer)

This week, learn about how to break in to both comic writing and TV writing, as host Gray Jones interviews TV & comic writer Jay Faerber.

Mid-Century - Sonja OHara-Photo by  Sarah Mayo

From NYC to LA - Sonja O'Hara's Filmmaking Journey to 'Mid-Century'

Canadian-born filmmaker Sonja O’Hara takes stock in her NYC and LA experience en route to the production of new film called ‘Mid-Century’.



For his Special Holiday Double Issue, Tom gets a surprise, and then looks at a number of awards-grovellers such as 'Cyrano', 'Nightmare Alley', 'Don’t Look Up', 'West Side Story', and 'Parallel Mothers', then leaves you with a present for next Christmas.


Writing from a Place of Truth and Desire with ‘Bud’ Short Film Screenwriters Zach Woods and Brandon Gardner

'Bud' director and co-writer Zach Woods, along with long-time collaborator and co-writer Brandon Gardner talk about their writing process and collaboration, screenwriting craft, influences, and exploring different pathways to find your unique voice, and how comedy and drama go hand in hand.


SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Ep. 413 - Making Deadlock (2021) An Action Movie Starring Bruce Willis

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with returning guest Jared Cohn, the director and one of the writers of 'Deadlock' (2021), an Action movie starring Bruce Willis. They talk about writing a story based on a contained location and how a well known actor such as Bruce Willis became part of the cast.