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Bob Saenz

Bob Saenz is a screenwriter, author, and actor. His written and produced screen works include Hallmark’s “Help for the Holidays,” “Rescuing Madison,” “Sweet Surrender,” “On the 12th Day of Christmas,” “Sound of Christmas,” “The Right Girl,” “Christmas in Love,” the theatrical “Church People,” and the dark-comedy thriller “Extracurricular Activities.” He does rewrites and polishes on film and TV projects for producers and production companies. He's the author of the screenwriting book, That's Not the Way It Works: A no-nonsense look at the craft and business of screenwriting. His acting roles include a six-year recurring character run on the TV show “Nash Bridges,” Hallmark’s “Valley of Light,” Francis Ford Coppola’s “Jack,” David Fincher’s “Zodiac,” Finn Taylor’s “Unleashed,” “Church People,” and “The Village Barbershop,” among dozens of others. He was a radio DJ on KYCY in San Francisco, played the last 10 years in the ’60s rock band The BSides, and has done voice work on video games, documentaries, and commercials. Twitter: @BobSnz