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Allison Norlian and Sean Collins-Smith

Allison Norlian and Sean Collins-Smith are award-winning journalists who both hail from the East Coast. While teaching journalism in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, Sean began entering screenplay contests in 2017. He found representation in 2018 after winning multiple screenwriting fellowships, and in 2019, he landed on the Austin Film Festival’s Top 25 Writers to Watch. Allison is a 3-time, Emmy-nominated anchor and reporter from New Jersey. She’s covered everything from the aftermath of the deadly Charlottesville, VA, riots to President Trump’s “travel ban” in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Near the end of 2018, Allison and Sean moved to Los Angeles. When they aren’t joining forces to write for Script Pipeline, they’re hanging out with their kitties, watching Netflix or working out at the gym. Follow Allison on Facebook, Twitter @allison2names, and Instagram @allisonnorlian. Follow Sean on Twitter @SeanTwoNames.