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Aadip Desai

Aadip Desai is Indian American TV writer/screenwriter and doer of writing-adjacent things. While a Staff Writer on THE GOLDBERGS (a show about yelling), he wrote episode 150, which earned him a spot in the inaugural class of BAFTA Breakthrough USA. He’s also written on MIRA, ROYAL DETECTIVE for Disney Junior, and two Netflix animated series, which earned him a spot in his kids’ hearts. Aadip is an Advisor at the Sundance Institute and also runs the 16k-member LA TV Writers Facebook Group. Aadip dropped out from AFI’s MFA program in Screenwriting after joining the Walt Disney TV Writing Program (aka Disney Fellowship). He’s also the former Co-host/Producer of the On the Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra and President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild. Before writing, Aadip had an extensive but hazy career in the music business. He’s murdered six sideburn trimmers in the last two years. For more information, check out his website and IMDB. You can also follow on Twitter and Instagram.