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Screenwriting Website of the Week: Joke and Biagio's Producing Unscripted

ScriptMag is proud to announce Joke and Biagio's Producing Unscripted as Screenwriting Website of the Week!

Joke and Biagio are dedicated to helping people break into unscripted television. We'll let their About page speak for us...


Unscripted Television: reality TV shows, documentary series, feature length docs — that’s what we make at our Film and Television Production Company Joke Productions, Inc.

And we want to work with you. That’s what the Producing Unscripted podcast is all about.

Make Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series: Where to Start?

We created this blog and podcast just for you, and it will answer all your questions. Every two weeks or so we’ll deliver episodes to help you:

  • Understand unscripted television and how to work in it
  • Find great potential reality tv shows and documentary series
  • Develop your ideas into sellable pitches
  • Team up with us

That’s right, we said “team up with us.”

Come Make Unscripted Television With Us

Whether you want to make reality TV shows or bring your passion for documentaries to world-wide audiences through the magic medium of television, we are willing to hear your pitches.

If we feel a connection to your material, and you’re excited about working with us, we’ll develop the idea with you into a sellable project, do our best to get it on TV, and get you a legitimate producing credit and paycheck in the process.

And no, we don’t charge a fee for this. We’re film and TV producers, not consultants or a paid service.

Just two people who love what we do, looking for great projects from talented people like you.

Follow Joke and Biagio on Twitter: @jokeandbiagio