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Unscripted: Resources for Screenwriters

When I decided to become a full-time writer, my mind was boggled at all the resources available online. With thousands upon thousands of sites, books and podcasts, who could I trust?

After all, my career was on the line. One wrong move, and it could cost me months (or years!) of writing time.

We asked the screenwriters at Scriptchat to share the sources they love. Both the USA group and the EURO group chimed in:

For me, The Writers Store was where I bought my first copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter Software (yes, I have Final Draft as well, but I prefer the notes feature in MM when collaborating with partners). I also discovered what became my favorite book on craft, Dara Mark's Inside Story. Another "must have" in my mind is Michael Hauge's and Chris Volger's Hero's Two Journeys DVD. I also visit Writer's Digest site often. While novelists have slightly different needs than screenwriters, there is so much about storytelling that is universal - synopsis, character arcs, pacing, etc.

What are some of YOUR favorite resources?