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TV Writer Podcast 132 - Creator / Showrunner Brent Piaskoski

This week, host Gray Jones interviews TV show creator and showrunner Brent Piaskoski.

This week, host Gray Jones interviews TV show creator & showrunner Brent Piaskoski.

About Brent:

Prior to focusing his creative energy on writing, Brent Piaskoski spent over a decade honing his comedic craft on the mean stages of some very cold comedy clubs (i.e. Canada). He went on to write and produce over 160 episodes of TV. Ryan Gosling still thanks Brent for writing his fist on-screen kiss ("Breaker High"). And Dave Foley might still owe Brent money for sneaking him back into Canada to star in CTV’s primetime sitcom "Spun Out." Brent also created the tween sitcom "The Latest Buzz" (Family Channel/STARZ), which launched the career of "Riverdale's" Vanessa Morgan. He’s won some nifty awards including a Gemini and three WGC Awards, was robbed of the Golden Globe and Academy Award, but lives to fight another day (pending an actual nomination). In 2019 he was a WGA TV Writer Access Project honoree.

Follow Brent on Twitter: @brentpiaskoski

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