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A Writer's Voice: What is Meditative Writing?

Getting to the heart of your character's voice is one of the most challenging tasks for any writer. Today I'm going to have a guest lecturer, Jessica Hinds, on my podcast, describing a new approach to getting your best work on the page called Meditative Writing.

Meditative Writing is a way of getting past your inner filter, connecting to your own emotional needs, and passing them on to you character in a way that drives the action and the story forward. Jessica has been teaching this class at Jacob Krueger Studio for year now and I can personally attest to the way that it's changed my writing as well as the writing of our students.

In this podcast, Jessica breaks down scene structure from both a traditional and meditative perspective, allowing you to see the difference between how you may have learned screenwriting in the past and how you can approach it from a meditative perspective.

A full transcript of the podcast is available on our website. And if you'd like to study with Jessica either in person or online, you can check out her next class here.

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