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A Writer's Voice: What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen? BLUE RUIN, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM & ALIEN

In this installment of A Writer's Voice we're going to be looking at Blue Ruin, a nice little indie thriller by Jeremy Saulnier. What's interesting about Blue Ruin is that its main character, Dwight, does not arc in the traditional way. He doesn't change in the way that screenplay characters typically change. In fact, the primary journey of Blue Ruin is built around plot, rather than what we would generally consider structure. And yet, the result is a powerfully compelling film, that succeeds both as a character portrait, and as a thriller.

If you've ever struggled finding the structure of your screenplay, this podcast if for you. We'll be looking at the recent indie thriller Blue Ruin, as well as big-budget action movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and Alien, to show you a simple way to build a powerful structure for your movie, without sacrificing character.

Listen to the podcast below, or read a full transcript here.

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