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TV Writer Podcast 076 - Mark Verheiden (Hemlock Grove, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville)

Are you a sci fi fan? Then you are certain to love this week's interview with Mark Verheiden, EP of Hemlock Grove on Netflix! Mark is a veteran of sci fi in several forms: TV, features, and comics.

Mark Verheiden is an executive producer of the Netflix original series “Hemlock Grove.” His previous television work includes writing and producing the Peabody Award winning “Battlestar Galactica,” as well as “Falling Skies,” “Heroes” and “Smallville,” among others.

In the feature film world, Verheiden made his mark writing the #1 box-office feature films “Timecop” and “The Mask.”

His audience extends to the comic book world, as he has written more than 125 books for DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics, including “Superman,” “Superman/Batman,” “Aliens” and “Predator.”

Verheiden grew up in Portland, Oregon, where he was an active member of the comic book fan community while studying film. He is a lifelong science fiction fan, which has served him well in his twenty-five year career in film, television and comics.

Mark Verheiden on Twitter: @MarkVerheiden

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