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A WRITER'S VOICE: Nightcrawler - Writing Issue-Based Movies

Jacob Krueger discusses writing issue-based movies and Gilroy’s script, Nightcrawler and his ability to express a strong political message.

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For this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be talking about Nightcrawler and what it means when you’re writing “issue-based movies.”

issue-based movies

Sometimes, when we have a strong socio-political point that we want to make, as writers, the urge is to get up on our soapbox and start preaching. But Nightcrawler succeeds precisely because the screenwriter, Dan Gilroy, was able to step off the soapbox and trust his story and character.

In this podcast, I’ll discuss Gilroy’s script for Nightcrawler and his spectacular ability to express a strong political message without shoving it down our throats.

Want to make sure you don’t fall into the soapbox trap? Using Nightcrawler, Taxi Driver, and Network as models, this podcast aims to help you avoid the various pitfalls and hazards you may encounter when writing issue-based movies.

Listen to the podcast below. And check out some of my other writing resources HERE.

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