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Fresh Voices Original Screenplay Competition

Fresh Voices Original Screenplay Competition seeks to DISCOVER, ENCOURAGE & PROMOTE the most promising voices in storytelling, position our winners for the greatest chance of success and find tomorrow’s great movies.

Name of Contest:
Fresh Voices Original Screenplay Competition

Sponsoring Organization:
LA Based Management and Production Co. Attraction Entertainment

Joel Mendoza

7119 W. Sunset Blvd. #153, Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 868-9322



Purpose of Contest:
Fresh Voices Original Screenplay Competition seeks to DISCOVER, ENCOURAGE & PROMOTE the most promising voices in storytelling, position our winners for the greatest chance of success and find tomorrow’s great movies.

Fresh Voices is a consortium of industry professionals established to respond to the changing needs of writers in today’s film industry. By partnering with LA based management and production company Attraction Entertainment, Fresh Voices provides emerging writers with the tools, guidance and opportunities necessary to succeed, while at the same time offering the industry a trusted conduit for fresh new material.

Number of years this contest has been running:
While Attraction Entertainment has been around for 6 years and Fresh Voices for nearly 2, this is the inaugural year of the screenplay competition.

Early Deadline August 16th 2010

Regular Deadline September 6th 2010

Late Deadline October 11th 2010

Extended Deadline November 1st 2010


Finalists Announced November 29th 2010

Winners Announced January 3rd 2011

Entry Fees:
$45-$65 includes free feedback (Receive a 10% refund on the entry fee when you sign up for our free newsletter.)

Kinds of scripts accepted (i.e. Teleplays, features, MOWs):
Features and Shorts in multiple genre categories (TV scripts will be accepted next round.)

Action/Adventure, Comedy/ Romantic Comedy, Family/ Animated, Drama/ Period and Sci-fi/ Horror

Screenplays must be written in English, writers must be 18 or over, and writer can not have earned more than $25,000 from their writing. Material must be original unless the writer owns any underlying rights.

Description of Prizes:
Free feedback for every entrant worth the cost of entry alone.

Over $15,000 in cash and prizes split amongst five genre categories give each entrant equal chance of winning.

Our Grand Prize winner receives an offer of Management Representation from Attraction Entertainment.

Fresh Voices Targeted Industry Promotion matches winning material with appropriate producers.

Exposure to over 300 high level agents, managers, producers and development executives.

Four unique awards spotlight writers who recognize the true potential of cinema by balancing a strong commercial sensibility with the determination to affect positive change.

Diversity & Inclusion Award, Cultural Heritage Award, Humanitarian Award, Courage & Fortitude Award.

Readers and Judges:
All reading is done in house by our team of development experts, the majority of whom have experience reading for the major talent agencies, management companies and studios in Los Angeles.

We do not host an industry panel of judges as this can jeopardize the writer's original idea and most often will not lead to a sale. Rather we choose to form a targeted strategy for our winners to circulate the winning material to appropriate producers, financiers and other companies.

By having all judging done in house also ensures a more clear, transparent and consistent judging process as all material is scored according to the same criteria.

The final round is judged by our sponsor and partner, Attraction Entertainment, who will read the finalists and choose the winner in each genre and ultimately the Grand Prize winner who will be offered management representation.

Success Stories:
Attraction Entertainment and Fresh Voices both have success in discovering and propelling writers careers which can be seen on the walk of fame portion of our website. This being the inaugural year of the competition, we look forward to many more success stories.

Please take a moment to describe why you feel your contest is best able to help writers break into the industry.
The declining spec market, dwindling development deals and disappearing discretionary funds, as well as the difficulty finding agents and managers who’ll read new writers have all placed an extra burden on new writers. Fresh Voices was established by a group of industry professionals who recognized the difficulties emerging writers were having breaking into today’s Hollywood and to offer the opportunities sorely lacking for new voices to be heard and found.

Fresh Voices is partnered with LA based management and production company Attraction Entertainment to offer a division dedicated to managing and guiding the careers of the writers we discover and creating a fast track for emerging writers to gain Hollywood representation. Attraction Entertainment has committed to read and judge the final round of the competition and select the grand prize winner for management representation offering a genuine opportunity for aspiring writers to kick start their career.

Despite hundreds of competitions and script consultancies, there are very few that can offer such unique opportunities.

**Fresh Voices does not attach itself or take a percentage of script sales.**

**The offer of management representation is optional. Winning the competition does not oblige the writer to accept the prize.**