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Script to Novel Writing Tips: Why You Should Adapt Your Screenplay Into a Novel

November 1st marks the launch of National Novel Writing Month, a personal challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. Why am I talking about writing a novel when this is a screenwriting site? Because I completed NaNoWriMo myself in past years, and I urge you to try writing your stories with a new approach—script to novel. If you haven’t considered adapting your script to a novel, you may be missing out. While some sites will help you decide which to write, we say, why not write both! This download will give you tools you need to complete your screenplay adaptation including helpful tips on writing a book from your script. It’s yours today when you enter your email.

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Why attempt screenplay adaptation?

Hollywood loves adaptations. Acquiring intellectual property is a famous pastime for producers. They want the known entity of a popular novel to help increase their chance of a box-office hit. So, why not create that valuable intellectual property yourself?

You already have a story, so take the next step and turn a script into a novel to increase your odds of success. One of the tips on writing a book is to use an outline. Your script will serve as a fantastic outline, one far more detailed than most novelists start with.

You’re already more than halfway to a successful script adaptation! Download Script to Novel Tips to get detailed tips for writing a novel.

How are writers turning a screenplay into a novel?

With our free Script to Novel Tips download, you’ll get five solid novel writing tips to help you transition from screenwriting to novel writing. It’s not as hard as you think, and you might actually enjoy the freedom of writing prose.

It’s critical for a screenwriter to be flexible in their skill set and always keep finding new ways of breaking into Hollywood. So many authors become famous household names after their books have been adapted. That could be you. Why not?

Plus, once your novel is written, you can self publish it and take control of your career. It won’t take millions of dollars or dozens of people to get your story in readers’ hands. It certainly doesn’t hurt when you pitch your work to tell the producers your story has been a successful book series and ripe for the picking. Once they bite on the adaptation deal, you already have the script version of the story ready for sale!

Take control of your career by getting your stories off your hard drive and onto the bookshelf by taking the first step and adapting your screenplay into a novel.