How to Write a Screenplay

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Screenplay writing is vastly different than writing a novel or a short story. The filmmaking industry has a certain expectation of how a script for a movie is written. In our free How to Write a Screenplay webinar, you’ll receive expert advice on how to create a logline, how to structure an outline, and tips on how to move your plot forward using your character’s inner journey. Writing a screenplay will be that much easier with this webinar as your reference!

In our How to Write a Screenplay free webinar, we will break down the mysteries of script writing. These screenwriting tips will help make your first draft look more like a third or fourth draft, significantly cutting down on the time it takes to rewrite. Success in this industry rests on your ability to deliver not only a well-written script, but also one Hollywood recognizes as marketable.

Learning to Pitch Your Screenplay (Loglines)

Beyond knowing proper structure and formatting, a screenwriter needs to boil an entire screenplay into a one-line pitch, called a logline or an elevator pitch. Knowing the key elements each story needs, and how to execute your concept, helps make a great first impression when you submit your script to a producer. We supply you with an easy-to-use “logline formula” in How to Write a Screenplay.

Without a unique and original concept, your screenplay won’t be marketable. Learn how to bring your story idea to life and come up with enough ideas for conflicts to write a fully flushed out and compelling script. Whether you’re writing a romantic comedy, horror, drama or sci-fi, you need a marketable concept as your foundation.

Scared of a blank page staring at you? How to Write a Screenplay webinar fixes that! Once you learn the tricks of outlining, you’ll never have to worry about the blank page writer’s block again! Every story has a structure, and film scripts are no different. The film industry is accustomed to a certain storytelling foundation. Our free webinar draws from many of the screenwriting resources at The Writers Store to show you how to build a road map for your story in order to give executives what they crave – a script they can sell.

Your screenplay is more than just plot points. You need characters to drive the story and make the reader want to follow them on their journey. How to Write a Screenplay shares the must-have qualities your characters need to shine and attract A-list actors. Creating multi-dimensional and flawed characters is essential to grabbing your audience and making them root for your protagonist.
How long have you been talking about putting your screenplay idea on the page? It’s time to stop taking and start writing your script! How to Write a Screenplay will give you a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your writing goals and make writing a screenplay easier than you thought. Learn tricks for setting a realistic goal toward typing “FADE OUT”.

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How to Write a Screenplay will launch you into your screenwriting career by teaching you the writing craft first and foremost. Once you have a handle on the foundation of a movie script, you’ll gain the confidence to write your own. Even if you’ve already written a script, you may very well learn a new trick from our ScriptMag Editor, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, sharing her personal process of screenplay writing. Jeanne has also worked with many screenwriting partners, is the co-founder of Twitter’s Scriptchat, and has recently written the narrative adaptation of the Pultizer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name. The tips she gives are ones she has acquired over the years and uses herself when starting a new screenplay.

This is your chance to start the career you’ve always wanted and get your screenplay idea into script format. How to Write a Screenplay covers concept, character, loglines, outlines, rewriting and more. What’s stopping you from taking the leap into screenwriting? With the tools in our webinar, you’ll have what you need to take the first step to write a movie script. The only thing stopping you is you. Have no fear; the ScriptMag community is here to help you with every step of your screenwriting journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the proper script writing format to write a script for a movie that will make producers notice your talent.

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