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How to Edit: Editing Tips to Help you Sell your Script

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Writing is rewriting. As writers, we hear this expression endlessly, but how many of us loathe and avoid the rewriting process?

If you want to succeed in Hollywood, you will have to learn how to edit and embrace the dreaded rewrite as a necessary part of the development of your script. The only way to sell your script is to get feedback from trusted readers and dive back in to make your script as good as it can be before you submit your screenplay to executives.

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Editing Tips: Top 5 Reasons to Take Rewriting Seriously

1. Executives will give you notes.

The odds of selling your script will improve dramatically if you prove you can take notes like a pro. Be humble. Listen. Digest. Then roll up your sleeves and get the job done so producers want to work with you. You’re not only selling your script, you’re selling yourself.

2. Your story will improve after you’ve had some distance and time to digest it.

In the history of screenwriting, no first draft was ever as good as the final draft. Give your story a chance to evolve. Don’t give up on it too soon or selling the script will be impossible.

3. Studios will put a red mark next to your name in their database if you submit a script that’s poorly written.

Don’t blow your chance to make a great first impression. If your script submission isn’t polished, you’ll never sell your screenplay… ever.

4. Don’t make it easy for them to give your script a “pass.”

No executive wants to be stuck in “development hell.” The more polished a story is, the greater your odds of selling a script.

5. Because your story deserves it … and you deserve it.

Don’t blow your chances of achieving your dreams by giving up on yourself and your story. If you don’t believe in it enough to rewrite it to a polish, then why should any producer believe in you? You are your words. Make sure they represent who you are as a writer.

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