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7 Reasons to Create a Web Series

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There’s no better way to reach the largest audience possible than by using the Internet. More and more screenwriters are jumping into creating a webseries to get noticed.

Why is making a web series a good idea? Glad you asked. Here are 7 reasons why creating a web series will help your career.

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1. Get your TV pilot idea off the ground.If you have a TV show idea and can’t get noticed by a network, take your TV pilot and break it into mini episodes of two-minute, bite-sized bits. Season one of your web series is your entire pilot episode! Send the series link out with your one sheet when pitching networks to prove your idea has value.

2. The price is right.Creating a web series is extremely low cost compared to creating a TV series. Crowdfunding is the most popular way to get the funds to produce your web series. Your backers then become your audience and will help spread the word when your webseries launches! Plus creating the campaign pitch video gives people a taste for what your webseries will look like.

3. Build your audience and brand.Making a web series is a great way to be able to supply a constant stream of storytelling to a huge online audience. In less time than making a pilot, you can create and launch new material that keeps your audience coming back and wanting more. Your fans will keep coming back to support your work, and in turn will look forward to any bigger projects you create, like feature films. Learning how to make a web series is part of establishing your brand as a filmmaker and storyteller.

4. Break the rules.You are your own boss. No network limitations. Just don’t break the video sharing website’s terms of agreements and you’re set. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the terms to be safe, and always be prepared for the rules of the site to change. But if they do, you are in total control to tone it down, if necessary. No red tape or hoops to jump through. This baby belongs to you!

5. Kiss those gatekeepers goodbye.With a web series, you have the freedom to launch the story you always wanted to tell in the way you want to tell it. That’s the best reason of all to create a web series!

6. Get it done faster.Making a feature film can take years between writing, developing, shooting and editing. You can shoot an entire season of web series in just a few days and feed it out to your audience one episode at a time over any time period you’d like. Take your idea from concept to completion in about one month and bring it to your audience in weeks instead of years.

7. Taste the sweetness of success.Web series are growing by leaps and bounds. Sure, it’s going to be hard to get yours to the top of the heap, but if you don’t try, it’ll surely never happen. Give it a shot! The ones that succeed all started with one viewer clicking on their series. That led to having hundreds of thousands or millions of regular viewers. Once the demand is there, you can potentially secure deals with top consumer brands to input their products into the content. Branded entertainment is a fast growing market, and it’s not that difficult to create a storyline you can easily place branded items into without distracting from the story.

Bonus reason:At the very least, writing and producing a web series will offer you a way to validate your filmmaking dreams and share your stories with the world! So, what are you waiting for? Start writing your web series today!

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