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The Scoggins Report: January 2014 Spec Market Roundup

The Scoggins Report 
by Jason Scoggins & Landon Rohwedder 
February 18, 2014 

January 2014 
Spec Market Roundup 

Well, that’s a good sign: As you can see below, the 2014 spec market got off to a great start last month, posting its second best January spec sales numbers in six years. February’s numbers have been just as strong, and we should end the first two months of the year with a combined number of spec sales second only to 2012’s remarkable total (for January/February) of 25.

The only cloud in that otherwise sunny sky is a holdover from 2013: Only 1 of January’s 9 sales was to a major studio (“The Wolf’s Hour,” to Universal, which has been on a post-holiday buying spree lately). The rest were to a mix of familiar and not-so-familiar names off the list of Other Buyers from the past couple of years.

February’s Studios to Non-Studios ratio has been much better so far (3 out of 6 have gone to Studios), but we’ll save any further analysis for next week’s Spec Market Scorecard since we’re a bit late getting this out the door.

Keep up the good work, Hollywood.

Download the PDF of the full report by clicking on the image below: