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New Short Film Competition: Can We Tempt You to Give Us a Kiss?

Opportunities to get your foot on the industry ladder are few and far between. So when one comes along that offers 50 screenwriters a feature film writing credit, you’d want to know about it. Right?

50 Kisses, brainchild of those behind the London Screenwriters Festival, aims to be the world’s first crowdsourced, narrative feature film. It is a free competition open to screenwriters around the world that could net you a feature film writing credit, an iPad, Final Draft software and a whole heap of kudos.

As with all feature films, the first stage is sourcing the script, or scripts in this case. 50 Kisses is looking for 50 brilliant two-page scripts, set on Valentine’s Day and featuring a kiss. With over 500 entries already received, the team still want more!

50 Kisses

Don’t let the Valentine’s theme fool you, the scripts can be any genre, the kiss can be any kiss, all the script has to be is creative and brilliant. As long as it is two pages long, set on Valentine’s Day or Night and has a kiss in it, it will be in the running for the competition.

The top 50 scripts will be selected by a panel of industry notables that include top screenwriter John August and legendary digital filmmaker Phillip Bloom.

These top 50 scripts will then be passed on to Filmmakers worldwide. Stage two sees these filmmakers turn the scripts into short films. The best 50 films – one from each script – will then be skilfully stitched together into a feature length film.

50 Kisses is set to premiere in London on 14th February 2013 with showings yet to be confirmed in New York and Los Angeles very soon afterwards.

Deadline for the two-page scripts is less than two weeks away on 29th June, so get writing! Remember entry is free and you might well end up with a feature film writing credit!

Visit the London Screenwriters Festival site for full information on how to enter 50 Kisses.