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Rated Q Podcast: Movie Review of "Scoob"

Introducing "Rated Q Podcast," where Quentin, a six-year-old story aficionado, and his father, professional writer Jay Thornton, escape the drama of this crazy year, and create a fantastic and fun podcast, reviewing family-friendly movies. First up, "Scoob."

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Why a movie-review podcast with a kid? Simple... or maybe not so simple. 

Political unrest. Unemployment. A pandemic. Powerful storms and rising tides… it’s no secret that these are dark days we’re living in. From Euripides to Shakespeare, Disney to David Cronenberg, drama has always served a vital, cathartic function for the human soul—be it in terms of much needed escapism from the harsh reality around us or the expurgation of fears and neuroses and power of perspective granted when we expose ourselves to equally dark works of art.

When we were children, the magic of the movies was unparalleled. The cinema was our cathedral, a sanctuary in which we not only learned about life and our world but could visit other realms that previously existed only in the fertile minds of their imaginers... all gloriously projected on the silver screen in a darkened room that captivated our hearts and minds in an immersive experience no other artistic medium could hope to match. But let’s face it: today films are only one of several forms of entertainment warring like battle-scarred gladiators for our children’s hard-won attention—and one that unfortunately struggles to capture that attention in the face of feedback-looping video games, streamer binges, VR experiences, youtube clips, and the like.

This family-friendly podcast series of film reviews was born out of a want to counter this pervasive darkness with a little light, and as a means for a restless screenwriter to bond with his young son and foster a generational love of movies as we’re all hunkered down and social distancing. To keep the medium alive and kicking, and to not only discuss how these films make us feel—and hence why they are so important—but to educate and inspire future generations to understand how and why films affect us in such profound ways, and how they are crafted to do just that. Who knows… perhaps we’ll inspire a handful of young ones to carry the torch and keep the cinematic fires burning for years to come. Hopefully you and your little ones will join me and mine on this journey, as we kindle and rekindle a mutual love of movies.

First up, a review of the movie Scoob

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