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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Francis Annan, UK Filmmaker of "Escape from Pretoria," Starring Daniel Radcliffe

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This week's podcast guest is UK filmmaker Francis Annan. His latest credit is Escape From Pretoria (2020) starring Daniel Radcliffe. 

Francis talks about what led to this film getting made and how they were able to cast a star actor such as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter Franchise).

They talk in detail about the ways having a well known actor can help the business side of filmmaking.

During the intro your host Ashley Scott Meyers talks about how he pushed his successful kickstarter over the goal for his feature The Rideshare Killer.

To help learn how it was a success, here is that kickstarter link.

You can listen to the audio portion of the podcast by clicking here or through iTunes by clicking here.

You can also read a transcript of this episode.

Links mentioned in the show:Francis Annan on IMDb

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