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Iron Man 2 Podcasts! Theroux, Favreau and Stan "The Man" Lee!

It's finally here! Iron Man 2 opens this weekend and we got the men behind the iron, in all our podcasting glory!

Iron Man 2

First off, screenwriter (and Script's May/June cover guy) Justin Theroux talks about the experience of penning the sequel to the highly successful Marvel franchise, what it was like working with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, and what's next for him (even some Zoolander 2 info!).

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Iron Man 2's director, Jon Favreau takes us through the filmmaking experience of Iron Man 2, and his thought process on moving forward when your lead superhero reveals their secret identity.

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Lastly, Script spoke with Stan "The Man" Lee about writing comics, making movies, and his notable cameos. He also offers some sage advice to aspiring writers.

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