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Screenwriting Website of the Week: FestQuest

If you're an independent filmmaker, you need to check FestQuest out. We'll let them speak for themselves...


About Us:

We are filmmakers.

But to really know who we are, it’s more important to know what we believe rather than what we look like.

We believe in supporting film festivals by supporting filmmakers.

We believe that not every film festival is right for every film. When you match great content with the right audience, that is when the magic of filmmaking truely happens.

We believe that experience not shared is unfulfilled.

We believe that platitudes serve no one. You can be honest but not impolite.

We believe that filmmaking is about the journey, not the destination or product.

You get the message. Now it’s time to join us on our Quest to help fellow filmmakers make smarter decisions about where they submit and where they screen their content.

But if you need more, check out the links below:

  • Our Quest tells you why we decided to created this platform and why it is important to independent filmmakers.
  • Myths and Legends (a.k.a. FAQ) tries to answer all of your questions about how we run the platform and how you can make the most of it.
  • Contact Us – for when all of the above doesn’t satisfy your burning need to know more.