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Video Games & Screenwriting: What Can Video Game Design Teach Us About Screenwriting (VIDEO)

Why do so many video game adaptations fail at the box office and with critics? Maybe because Hollywood doesn't fully understand video game mechanics. Michael Lee explains.

Michael Lee is a writer, script consultant, script reader and judge. He's worked as a creative executive for a few production companies and as reader and judge for some of the most prestigious screenwriting contests in the country including PAGE and Final Draft Big Break. He's recently optioned his latest project: a science-fiction comedy entitled How to Conquer the Earth. Follow Michael on Facebook and Twitter: @GoldenAgeofGeek.

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Assassin's Creed may not have scored with audiences or critics but that doesn't mean studios will stop looking to video games for inspiration. Video games are their own medium and one that fans find very engaging. I wrote a piece about how writers can use video game design principles in their writing. I focused on game mechanics. Since then I've had some new ideas and even had an opportunity to tinker with game design myself. I produced two videos on Youtube to follow up my original article.


And I produced a second one with a closer look at game mechanics


Despite all the terrible press many video game adaptations have garnered over the years I still believe it is possible. If a ride at Disneyland can be turned into a successful, critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film, then a good Bioshock movie shouldn't be too much to ask for.


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