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Unscripted: Offer Up Your Pitching Advice

QUESTION of the day: Let's show community support today! For those who have experience at pitchfests, please share your advice for everyone pitching at Pitch Slam at Screenwriter's World Conference on Oct 19th!

In my years of screenwriting, I've attended many pitchfests and can't recommend them enough. They are amazing opportunities to grow your network. Here are my tips...

Balls of Steel: Pitch Tips

As for tools to help you get your pitch just right, I've used consultant Michael Hauge in the past. He's amazing. He can whip a pitch in shape like a superhero. You can get one-on-one pitch coaching with Michael Hauge at Screenwriters World. Sign up to secure your spot now!

If you haven't signed up for the SWC event yet, no worries, there's still time. Use the DISCOUNT CODE JESSE912 to get $50 off! I'll be there too... see you in the pitch room!

Share your pitching advice below and also on our Facebook page.