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TV Writer Podcast 068 - Jamie Livingston (TV Writer Chat Pilot Program)

TV Writer Chat is launching a new FREE TV pilot writing program, and today's interview with screenwriter/novelist Jamie Livingston tells you all you need to know!

Jamie Livingston is a great example of how you are never too busy to write! Aside from working full time at the restaurant she owns with her husband, she has a successful jewelry business, publishes a mystery novel series under the pen-name Jamie Lee Scott, attends conferences, made a short film, and wrote several screenplays… and that was just 2012! On the novel front, her 'The Gotcha Detective Agency' mysteries include Let Us Prey, Textual Relations, Death of a Sales Rep, What a Meth and Whine and Dine.

Her short script, No One Knows, was produced this summer and will hit the film festivals in 2013. You can watch the trailer HERE.

She currently writes feature films and TV dramedy, and is a co-founder of both ScriptChat and TV Writer Chat. She is also the former president of the Romance Writers of America’s screenwriting chapter, Script Scene.

In today's interview, Gray and Jamie go over all the details about the TV Writer Chat's new FREE pilot writing program, as well as explaining about Scriptchat and TV Writer Chat, and some important fundamentals about how to write for TV. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter ASAP and join the chat on Sunday night at 6:30pm, as the program is already underway! CLICK HERE for an easy link to the chat room (Twitter account required).

Website: or
Twitter: @Jamie_LD

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