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TV Writer Podcast 057 - Horror Icon Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston)

His horror films have broken records, and his his current FearNet series was renewed almost immediately out of the gate. This week we meet hard-working producer-writer-actor-director-showrunner Adam Green!

After graduating from Hofstra University in New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Film Production, Adam Green made his first feature "Coffee & Donuts" for $400, by borrowing equipment and using friends and volunteers for the cast and crew.

What really put Adam on the map, though, was "Hatchet." An old school horror film, Hatchet went viral, broke records for distributor Anchor Bay, and spawned two sequels. Adam has tales to tell about the scares behind the scenes, dealing with the ratings board and getting it released.

Adam's "ArieScope Pictures," which he had founded in 1997 with director of photography Will Barratt, was able to build on the success of Hatchet, and has produced a string of successful independent movies, including "Grace," "Frozen," and "Spiral."

But Adam has an incredibly strong work ethic, and wasn't content with just features. He re-developed his feature "Coffee & Donuts" for television, and sold it as the sitcom "Holliston" to FearNet. It launched to incredible success, and was almost immediately renewed for a second season. Adam not only runs the show, but directs and stars in it as well.

Adam is currently in production on "Hatchet 3," and is also developing several other features, including "Killer Pizza," and "Digging Up the Marrow."

Follow Adam on Twitter: @Adam_Fn_Green.

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