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TV Pilots: Table Reading Johnny T. Silver's 'Driven'

Good music, Grey Goose, celebrity sightings. These are normal occurrences to anyone
spending an evening at The Parlor on Melrose Avenue. But Wednesday evening wasn’t
just a typical night of socializing. The Hollywood hot spot became a venue for, of all
things -- a table read.


Writer and director Johnny T. Silver, presented his pilot “Driven” to a crowded room of
industry insiders. “Driven” is a one-hour crime drama in which a “Limo
Driver moonlights as a Getaway Driver for the Mafia after an elaborate set up threatens
his life and the lives of those he loves.” The script is based on Silver’s past experience as
a driver. It is also a labor of love dedicated to Los Angeles, Silver’s hometown.

Silver, who has written features and shorts, took the advice of TV honcho David Milch
and started working on the “Driven” pilot. After writing the script, Silver presented it to
his friend, actor Mo McRae (RAY DONOVAN, SONS OF ANARCHY), who came
aboard the project as producer, and to play the lead character, Mike.

With his script gaining momentum, Silver stepped into the driver’s seat and dodged the
traditional route of finding a POD, then showrunner. Instead he reached out to established
television directors/producers and the script landed in the lap of Ken Whittingham
(PARENTHOOD, PARKS AND RECREATION), who so immediately took to the
material that he interrupted his vacation to call Silver about the script.

The table read at The Parlor came about because Silver has always envisioned having a
table read that was a bit more exciting and out of the box than typical network readings.
The presentation for "Driven" became an executive networking event. He partnered with
sponsors from Final Draft and Grey Goose. Casting director, Brad Gilmore, lined up
actors such as Richard T. Jones (HAWAII FIVE-0), Lane Garrison (BONNIE AND
CLYDE), and La La Anthony (POWER).


The night was quite a success as other writers, executives, and actors in attendance
watched and stayed engaged in the material. This is a prime example of how industry
creatives are stepping outside of the box and finding non-traditional ways to make their
material stand out to Hollywood. Silver, McRae and Whittingham put in a lot of effort to
get this project off the ground. Quite frankly -- they’re “Driven.”

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