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The Scoggins Report: January/February 2012 Pitch Sales Roundup

The Scoggins Report is a compilation of sales and trends in the industry. Archive editions can be found on Details on every person, project, and company covered by the Report can also be found at The Report is reprinted at by permission of the authors.

The Scoggins Report
by Jason Scoggins & Cindy Kaplan


 January/February 2012
Pitch Sales Roundup

This week’s edition of The Scoggins Report is our first regular Pitch Sales Roundup of 2012, with project details for each of the 12 sales so far this year. As you can see from the below grids, February’s numbers slowed quite a bit compared to January. The same thing happened with spec sales this month, but we’ll comment on that next week.

We’ll have to wait and see whether February’s numbers are the start of a trend or just a bit of a breather at the beginning of the Spring selling season. Regardless, there are two days left in February as of this writing and we’re exactly even year over year so far.

Here are January’s and February’s raw numbers:

Jan 2012

Jan 2011

 Pitch Sales



 Genres Sold

1 Action/Adventure 2 Comedy 3 Sci-Fi 2 Thriller

1 Action/Adventure 1 Comedy 1 Drama 1 Thriller

Feb 2012

Feb 2011

 Pitch Sales



 Genres Sold

2 Comedy 1 Thriller

2 Action/Adventure 3 Comedy 1 Sci-Fi 1 Thriller

Weekly Activity Breakdown

Week of January 2 (New Year’s Day):

• No pitch sales announced

Week of January 9:

• 2 pitch sales announced(“InvasionandThe Vatican”)

Week of January 16:

• 1 pitch sale announced (“Something from Tiffany’s”)

Week of January 23 (Sundance):

• 4 pitch sales announced (“Untitled Brian Miller/Ryan Murphy Project,”Kill Switch,” “Untitled Max Landis Space Adventure” and “Prosthesis”)

Week of January 30:

• 1 pitch sale announced (“Untitled Oren Uziel Action Comedy”)

Week of February 6:

• 2 pitch sales announced (“Untitled Geoff LaTulippe Ensemble Comedy” andInterpol”)

Week of February 13:

• 1 pitch sale announced (“Untitled Zetumer Spy Thriller”)

Week of February 20 (Presidents’ Day):

• No pitch sales announced

Week of February 27:

• 1 pitch sale announced as of the 27th (“Untitled Dracula Pitch”)

Pitch Sales (alphabetical by title)

January Sales:

Untitled Brian Miller/Ryan Murphy Project

Writers: Ryan Murphy & Brian Miller

Reps: CAA (Rowena Arguelles, Billy Hawkins, Matt Rosen) and 3 Arts

Buyer: Columbia

Genre: Horror sci-fi

Attachments: John Palermo to produce through his eponymous shingle with Murphy.


Writer: J. Daniel Shaffer

Reps: Verve (Bryan Besser, Rob Herting)

Buyer: Reel FX

Genre: Supernatural thriller

Attachments: Brad Peyton (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) attached to direct and produce with Strange Weather Films’ Andrew Adamson and Cary Granat.

Logline: Revolves around a group of unarmed and unprepared students from Philadelphia who have to become soldiers to survive an attack by a supernatural force. In the vein of CLOVERFIELD.

Kill Switch

Writer: Ken Woodruff

Reps: WME (Mike Esola) and manager Rich Demato

Buyer: Warner Bros.

Genre: Action comedy

Attachments: JC23 Entertainment’s Michael Aguilar to produce.

Untitled Max Landis Space Adventure

Writer: Max Landis

Reps: WME (Dannay Gabai, David Karp) and Circle of Confusion (Britton Rizzio)

Genre: Sci-fi adventure

Buyer: Disney

Attachments: Andrew Panay’s Panay Films to produce.

Logline: Centers on a brother and sister as they undertake an epic adventure.

Untitled Oren Uziel Action Comedy

Writer: Oren Uziel (“The Kitchen Sink”)

Reps: WME (Sharon Jackson) and Circle of Confusion (Britton Rizzio)

Buyer: Columbia

Genre: Action comedy

Attachments: Neal Moritz’s Original Film to produce.

Notes: Lauren Abrahams will oversee for Columbia.

Logline: DIE HARD meets HOME ALONE.


Writer: Arvind Palep

Reps: WME (Elia Infascelli-Smith) and The Gotham Group (Peter McHugh)

Buyer: Universal

Genre: Action sci-fi

Attachments: Palep is attached to direct. Serge Patzak will produce for 1stAveMachine alongside Sam Penfield and Gotham’s McHugh, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson.

Notes: Sold based on Palep’s 10-minute VFX storyboard presentation; currently an open writing assignment. Anikah MacLaren will oversee for Universal.

Logline: Under wraps, said to be an epic set in immersive worlds parallel to our own.

Something From Tiffany’s

Writer: Melissa Stack

Reps: Paradigm (Mark Ross, Christopher Smith, Ida Ziniti) and Kaplan/Perrone (Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone)

Buyer: Fox

Genre: Romantic comedy

Attachments: LBI Entertainment’s Julie Yorn will produce

Notes: Daria Cercek to oversee for Fox

Logline: In the vein of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB, but with younger leads.

The Vatican

Writer: Dave Cohen

Reps: ICM (Emile Gladstone) and Generate (Jeremy Platt)

Buyer: Warner Bros.

Genre: Thriller

Attachments: William Brent Bell (“The Devil Inside”) to direct. Vertigo’s Roy Lee to produce with Lawrence Grey and John Powers Middleton.

Logline: Found footage conspiracy-driven thriller.

February Sales:

Untitled Dracula Pitch

Writer: Jason Keller (“Machine Gun Preacher”)

Reps: CAA (Scott Greenberg) and Management 360 (Guymon Cassady)

Buyer: Columbia

Genre: Horror

Attachments: Roth Films’ Joe Roth and Palak Patel will produce.

Notes: Price was reportedly high six against seven figures.

Logline: Period version of Dracula’s origin story.

Untitled Geoff LaTulippe Ensemble Comedy

Writer: Geoff LaTulippe (“Going The Distance”)

Reps: WME (Sarah Self) and Mosaic (Michael Lasker)

Buyer: Paramount

Genre: Comedy

Attachments: LaTulippe is attached to direct. Marti Noxon and Dawn Olmstead will produce.


Writers: Brant Boivin & Jonathan Keasey

Reps: Paradigm (Valarie Phillips) and Kaplan/Perrone (Alex Lerner)

Buyer: Columbia

Genre: Action comedy

Attachments: Overbrook’s Will Smith, James Lassiter and Ken Stovitz will produce.

Untitled Zetumer Spy Thriller

Writer: Josh Zetumer

Reps: UTA (Jason Burns) and Management 360 (Guymon Casady, Darin Friedman)

Buyer: Warner Bros.

Genre: Thriller

Attachments: Rubin Fleischer will produce with Captivate’s Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith and Management 360’s Casady and Friedman

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