The Scoggins Report: August 2011 Roundup

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Spec Market Roundup for August 2011

Here are the highlights of August’s spec market activity:

  • August continued 2011’s unbroken string of strong monthly spec sales, finishing nearly on par with July’s (and April’s and May’s, for that matter) unseasonably strong 6.
  • None of the major studios broke out their checkbooks last month (the first time that’s happened since January), but four new buyers got on the board for the first time in 2011: Davis Entertainment, FilmNation, Inferno and Millennium/Nu Image.
  • Two sets of unrepped writers sold specs last month, the first time that’s happened since we began tracking the market in 2009.

In case you were on vacation, riding out earthquakes or battening down the hatches in preparation for a hurricane when we we last published, here’s a link to the previous edition of the Scoggins Report. And now on to August’s numbers:

August 2011

August 2010

August 2009

New Specs




Number Sold1




Percent Sold2




Genres Sold

2 Action 1 Sci-Fi 2 Thrillers

1 Action/Adventure 1 Sci-Fi

1 Action/Adventure 3 Comedy

1 This number is a tally of every script that sold in August.

2 Only counts scripts that came out and sold in August.

Weekly Activity Breakdown

Week of August 1:

  • 5 scripts hit the tracking boards, none of which sold
  • 2 additional sales were reported (“Autobahn” and “Non-Stop”)

Week of August 8:

  • 2 scripts hit the boards, neither of which sold

Week of August 15:

  • 1 script hit the boards and didn’t sell

Week of August 22:

Week of August 29 (week before Labor Day):

  • 1 script hit the boards and hasn’t yet sold
  • 1 additional sale was reported (“Seven Days Waiting”)

Genre Breakdown *




% Sold

Action/ Adventure




















* August’s numbers only

Spec Sales (alphabetical by title)


Writer: Greg Russo

Reps: ICM and Manage-ment (Dan Halsted)

Buyer: Inferno

Genre: Action, Thriller

Attachments: Mark Steven Johnson (“Ghost Rider,” “Daredevil”) is attached to direct.

Notes: Originally went out in September 2010. Project was previously titled ”I-95.”

In The Event of a Moon Disaster

Writer: Mike Jones

Reps: CAA (David Kopple)

Buyer: FilmNation

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Attachments: Aaron Ryder will produce through FilmNation.

Notes: Glen Basner will oversee for FilmNation. Script hit the market in May.


Writers: John Richardson & Chris Roach

Reps: Not applicable

Buyer: Dark Castle

Genre: Thriller

Attachments: Jeff Wadlow (“Never Back Down”) is attached to direct. Joel Silver, Andrew Rona, and Alex Heineman to produce through Dark Castle.

Seven Days Waiting

Writers: Jeff Bacon, Jordan Capell & Joe Davidson

Reps: Not applicable

Buyer: Davis Entertainment

Genre: Thriller

Attachments: Benderspink is attached to produce alongside Brad Jensen and Davis’s John Davis and Derek Dauchy.

Untitled Supernatural Action Project

Writer: Paul Sloan

Reps: Brucks Entertainment (Bryan Brucks)

Buyer: Millennium/Nu Image

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Attachments: Frank Demartini and Richard Salvatore are attached to produce.

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