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Test Your Screenwriting I.Q.: Pt 12

10 more questions from Steve Kaire to test your knowledge of the industry.

True or False

1. High-concept scripts sell for more money than non high-concept scripts.


2. Bringing in a poster of your movie won’t help sell it.

False. When pitching, having your potential buyer visualize the movie poster can help in fostering a sale.

3. Showcasing your short films on “YouTube” won’t help your screenwriting career.

False. Anything that gets your work and name out there can help.

4. Produced film and TV scripts can be purchased online.

That’s true.

5. Below-the-line refers to behind-the-scenes talent.


6. There is a limit on how many writers can be brought in to rewrite a sold script.

False. The studio can bring in as many writers as they want.

7. Most new TV series begin with a proposal, a list of characters, and six storyline episodes.


8. Associate Producer credit is essentially a throwaway credit.

True. It’s given out as a favor like to the director’s girlfriend or the producer’s brother-in-law.

9. The average film budget is 75 million these days.

False. It’s closer to 40-50 million.

10. A star who lends his or her name to a project is contractually bound to appear in the film should it get made.

That’s false. The star can back out before the deal closes.