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Story Structure Made Easy with Glenn M. Benest

Glenn M. Benest is an award winning screenwriter/producer with three feature films and four television movies to his credit.

His most recent effort is Hungry Hearts, an independent film with worldwide distribution by Shoreline Entertainment. It’s won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Award at the Houston International Film Festival. It premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and has been accepted at eleven domestic and international film festivals, including the Cairo International Film Festival.

He also wrote A Clean Kill, produced as an independent feature for the World International Network and premiered under the title “Her Married Lover,” on Lifetime Television in the year 2,000.

In 1997, his award winning stage play, POE! received great critical acclaim during its extended run at Theater Geo in Hollywood.

Mr. Benest also wrote Deadly Blessing, starring Sharon Stone and Ernest Borgnine. A United Artist release, it was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Wes Craven. Mr. Benest’s other television movies include Naked Lie, for CBS, starring Victoria Principal and James Farentino, The Forgotten, the premiere movie for USA Network, starring Stacy Keach and Keith Carradine, The Case of the Sinister Spirit, for NBC, starring Raymond Burr, and A Stranger In Our House, for CBS, starring Linda Blair and Lee Purcell.

Mr. Benest also teaches professional level screenwriting workshops in the Los Angeles area. Four feature films have been launched from his workshops, including Scream, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Andre and Event Horizon. Two other feature films from his workshop are now in pre-production as well, Slaughterhouse, for David Foster Productions and Meridian Drift, for Sony Entertainment.

Get Glenn M. Benest Advice on Story Structure in Story Structure Made Easy Webinar

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  • During this live webinar you will learn how to structure your screenplay in a way that’s easy to grasp, making your story organic and emotional.
  • Learn an organic approach to story as it relates to character growth, not formula.
  • Discover that story structure is not about formulas to questioningly imitate but are living, breathing constructs that connect directly to your characters and their emotional growth.