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Screenwriting Website of the Week: Loglines "R" Us

Loglines can be brutal to write, so why not check out as many loglines as possible to get tips and a feel for what makes one more compelling than another?

This week's Screenwriting Website of the Week is Loglines "R" Us, complete with a logline for its own site:

Loglines for film and television created by Douglas King (@DouglasKing4). Well, most are free. Unless otherwise noted there is no copyright. No rights reserved. No WGAw registration. Feel free to share, develop or buy.

loglines r us

Check out their About page for more information:

About Loglines 'R' Us:

Douglas King has worked in the entertainment industry for the last twenty-six years. He has worked as a screenwriter, producer, director and designer in film, television and theme parks. Two of his television scripts were optioned and developed by Sony/ Tri-Star Television. King was hired by Santa Monica Pictures to rewrite a feature length animated film. He has consulted with such clients as Sony Entertainment, Atari/ Time Warner, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Laser Storm, Minotaur Amusements, and more.

In 2001, the children’s book The Snugeldorfs, Smile God Loves You, written by Douglas King and illustrated by Rodney Matthews, was published by Cela Distribution and sold into the Christian marketplace.

In 2004, King founded Island Style, LLC, a publishing company of the magazine Hawaiian Style, a design and lifestyle publication. Hawaiian Style was internationally distributed in 16 countries. King led the magazine into positive cash flow and annual growth, and helped make the magazine one of the leading publications for Hawaii.

As a writer, producer and director, King produced a short video project titled Archko Confessions and wrote and directed two web series, Trailer Shots and For Export Only. Both programs have their own YouTube channel and For Export Only can also be viewed on

King is President of Day III Productions, Inc. a Dallas, Texas based production company. He is also on the board of directors for the Dallas Screenwriters Association.