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DISCOUNT: Pitch, Learn & Network at Screenwriters World Conference East

When pursuing a screenwriting career, you have to get out of your writer's cave and meet executives face-to-face. The BEST way to pitch your work is to sell yourself! After all, should an exec like your script, s/he will have to work with you for a long period of time developing it. It's just as important they like YOU as well as your work. Screenwriters World Conference is an amazing opportunity to do just that.


Come join me at Screenwriters World Conference East in NYC April 5-7, 2013.
We're bringing Hollywood to the East Coast!
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What you need to prepare in advance:

Post Pitchfest advice:

  • Don't blow your chance at making a first impression! Get your script polished BEFORE you submit it with The Writers Store Screenplay Development Notes. We even have a Rush Service available!
  • Read Balls of Steel: Managing Expectations to keep your feet firmly grounded in reality and to make the most of your pitchfest experience.

Beyond pitching executives, you'll have an opportunity to meet other screenwriters on the East Coast. Building your network with writers is just as important as meeting executives, maybe even more. For that writer sitting next to you may be the next Paul Haggis. YOU may be the next Paul Haggis. But if your work is never seen by anyone, the odds are slim to none.

I know it's hard to put your "baby" out there and to convince someone your efforts are worth a read. But I promise you, the first time is the hardest. Once you get that first pitch under your belt, the validation you'll feel will propel you to continue the pursuit of your dreams.

Someone's scripts have to sell, why not yours?

Join me in NYC the first weekend in April. I want to be witness to your dreams coming true!

Don't miss all the important details and information before, during and after Screenwriters World Conference East, April 5-7th. Use the #SWCE hashtag and follow the #SWCE tweets, all compiled for you in one place!

Meet Screenwriters World Conference Speakers: