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Monday Morning Editor Picks: Online Screenwriting Classes, Bootcamps & Sales!

Editors Picks

I never went to film school. I didn't even major in writing at Cornell. But I have managed to learn about the screenwriting industry and craft at a much cheaper price point than a MFA, right from my own home. Here's how you can too.

Screenwriters University is a wonderful way to learn more about your craft and career, all online. Here's a peek at the upcoming online screenwriting classes:

TV Pilot Boot Camp:

If you're working on a TV pilot, or just have an idea you think would make a great show, don't miss the chance to flush it out with Screenwriting University's TV PILOT BOOT CAMP the weekend of October 25th to 27th. With less feature films being made and more TV stations showcasing incredible content, there has never been a better time for writers to break into the TV industry!

Online Screenwriting Classes Beginning October 17th:

Online Screenwriting Classes Beginning October 24th:

Sales at The Writers Store!

  • The Writers Store always has items on sale. Bookmark this link as a reference and check back often.
  • StoryO Software: Still time to get StoryO on sale until October 16th (tomorrow)!
  • Storyboard Quick 6.1: Starting October 16, 2013, you can get this great storyboarding tool on sale!

Watch ScriptMag Editor Share Her Advice on Facing Your Writing Fears

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman shares her personal story of facing her fears in order to propel her writing and her career. Click on the image below to watch Jeanne's advice. In just eight minutes, you might have a whole new perspective.


Jeanne Veillette Bowerman is the Editor and Online Community Manager of Script Magazine and a webinar instructor for The Writers Store. She is Co-Founder and moderator of the weekly Twitter screenwriters’ chat, #Scriptchat, and wrote the narrative adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name, with its author, Douglas A. Blackmon, former senior national correspondent of The Wall Street Journal. Jeanne also is President of Implicit Productions and consults with writers on how to build and strengthen their online and offline networks as well as face their fears in order to succeed in writing and in personal peace - a screenwriter's therapist. More information can be found on her blog, ramblings of a recovered insecureaholic. Follow @jeannevb on Twitter.