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Monday Morning Editor Picks: Independent Filmmaking Resources

Take control of your career by setting a goal of making your own short film! I've done it, and believe me, it is not only fulfilling to see your words come to life, but it's also an incredible learning experience about writing, the business, and the process of collaboration.

Here are some tools I wish I had before I launched into becoming my own producer:

1. Write and Produce Your First Short Film...for Next to Nothing! Webinar by Timothy Cooper on Wednesday, December 16, 2013. Learn the best ways to successfully cast, produce, budget, and direct your first short—plus write a bulletproof script that stands out in the crowded short-film marketplace. Now ON SALE until December 13th.

2. Producer to Producer: A Step-By-Step Guide to Low Budgets Independent Film Producing - If you want to take on being your own producer, this great book will give you all the advice you need to get it right.

3. Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Scheduling 5 Bundle - After the script is nailed, the next step is figuring out your budget and creating a shooting schedule. With this software bundle, it'll save you countless time, giving you the energy to devote to casting, finding locations and more.

4. How Not to Make a Short Film: Secrets from a Sundance Programmer- This is the first book I read before launching into making my short film, IMPASSE. Roberta's advice was invaluable to me. I highly recommend diving deep into this easy-to-read resource.

5. The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook - Once you make the film, you need to know how to market it to get the most exposure. This book — packed with street-smart savvy and real-world examples on how to promote and sell your productions — includes both traditional and guerilla marketing techniques that’ll make your film stand out in an ever-increasingly crowded marketplace. It’s like having a highly paid film marketing guru at your side.

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Jeanne Veillette Bowerman is the Editor and Online Community Manager of Script Magazine and a webinar instructor for The Writers Store. She is Co-Founder and moderator of the weekly Twitter screenwriters’ chat, #Scriptchat, and wrote the narrative adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name, with its author, Douglas A. Blackmon, former senior national correspondent of The Wall Street Journal. Jeanne also is President of Implicit Productions and consults with writers on how to build and strengthen their online and offline networks as well as face their fears in order to succeed in writing and in personal peace - a screenwriter's therapist. More information can be found on her blog, ramblings of a recovered insecureaholic. Follow @jeannevb on Twitter.