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For the last seven years Script Magazine has had the privilege of Bob Verini's analysis of the top films of the year. Bob assesses the major releases and their odds of Oscar nominations and wins. Last year, all of his even-money picks made it onto the nominations list. Let’s see how he goes this year (Note: as always, this piece was written prior to the announcement of nominations).

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Win, Place & Showbiz: Handicapping the Oscar Writing Awards 2012
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This year’s race in the Oscar nominations and awards is tighter than they’ve been in a decade, not only in terms of the nominees (there was an amazing number of accomplished screenplays in 2012). It is seriously tough to predict 2012’s ultimate winners. Nevertheless, Bob will endeavor to do all of the above before this cavalcade is through. Bob also passes along some horse’s mouth/horse sense comments from the many screenwriters he had the pleasure of speaking with, in the course of a really memorable, perhaps even watershed year.