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Examining the Marvel Supervillains: Ivan Vanko AKA Whiplash (VIDEO)

The third entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Whiplash played by Mickey Rourke. But how does he fit the film and the overall series?

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The Iron Man series is fascinating to examine. The entries may not always be the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but they offer some of the feature Marvel's most complex character in Tony Stark and offer some interesting takes on the superhero genre. In each of the three films so far Tony Stark/Iron Man is often fighting himself as much as the bad guys. I looked at Iron Man 2's villain Whiplash in an earlier article. I've since produced a follow up video essay.


My opinion on the movie hasn't changed. It's still very good. It delves deeper into the psyche of Tony Stark and gives us a glimpse into the complex relationship he has with his father Howard. Its villain is also very good. But for a variety of reasons the movie just ends up being very good as opposed to truly great. It's still miles ahead of most other summer blockbusters. Marvel is very much the new Pixar with a string of critical and commercial successes. But as with Pixar some will shine brighter than others. Not every picture can be a Toy Story 2 or an Up. Some have to settle for being A Bug's Life.


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