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How to Actually Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions... for Success

Ah, 2014… time for New Year’s resolutions. A clean slate. Excitement in the air!

Have you noticed that some New Year’s resolutions are on the list every year? What makes this year different? Will you really be able to accomplish your career breakthrough goals?

Read on for the five keys to success, from making your film to getting your dream job!

1. Identify a goal that is not impossible, not predictable, but a “breakthrough.”

Often we articulate goals that are literally impossible in the time frame we give them. It’s important to note that no goal is impossible, rather, it might not be possible in the time allotted. When we do this, we doom ourselves to failure. That said, “predictable” is a version of a goal you’ve already done. Goals are most powerful when articulated in between impossible and predictable, the “sweet spot” that is a “breakthrough.” It can be scary to say, “By December 31, 2014, I will have a new job as an executive producer earning at least $250k/year.” But, the key is to say it loud, say it proud, and give it a timeframe.

2. Put a structure in place for accomplishing your goal.

Now that you understand why a structure is important, make sure you get one! Making a film or getting your dream job is hard and you will need support in giving it your all even when you don’t feel like it. This could be a career coaching class or a mastermind group. Whatever you choose, it must support you in getting out of your comfort zone, strategizing, and holding you accountable.

3. Enroll a team to support and advise you.

Nothing of any scope or magnitude in life happens alone! Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! Besides your support structure, you need a mentor, coach, the support of your significant other, and more. Identify who you need on your team, then strategize enrolling them to join you.

4. Develop a plan that includes a timeline with deadlines.

All successful businesses have a business plan. Even if a fluke idea becomes successful, the business must have a plan for capitalizing on that success. But you don’t want your year to be a fluke! Your resolutions are the goals you are dedicating yourself to. You need to have a business plan for your career, a.k.a. your business. It should include your goal, a timeline, and an action plan. You will need this plan whether your goal is more entrepreneurial (making a film, selling a show) or getting a certain kind of job. Sometimes your job is getting the job, and it takes every bit as much strategy as climbing the ladder once you get in.

5. See it and share it every day.

Post your goal in places where you’ll see it often -- your workspace, your phone screen, even your car. The more you see it and share it, the more it will happen in your life.

Career Coach Shawn Tolleson gives you the tools you need to accomplish your dream career. Strategy. Action. Breakthrough.


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