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Script University Virtual Conference - August 7th

Learn directly from SIX screenwriting and industry pros about breaking into Hollywood, pitching like a pro, the inner workings of the industry and more! Register for the inaugural one-day Script University Virtual Conference on August 7th!

Script University is thrilled to present the inaugural one-day Script University Virtual Conference on August 7, 2021. Our one-day virtual conference will equip scribes with fundamental tools to initiate their screenwriting career, with insight provided by SIX leading industry professionals and screenwriters. In one full day, you will learn how to pitch like a pro, adapt a book into a screenplay, understand the inner workings of representation and the difference between a manager and agent, and the proper techniques and tools to break in outside of Hollywood. Plus, one or two lucky registrants may be selected to pitch their screenplay (if you choose) during the To Pitch, To Pitch - My Kingdom for a Pitch! session and receive live feedback.

All participants will benefit from:

  • FOUR all-new, one-hour webinar presentations provided by industry professionals and screenwriters, all examining different aspects of screenwriting from pitching to breaking in from outside of Hollywood. Each session will include an opportunity for live Q&A with the speaker!
  • The ability to network with other screenwriters via discussion boards that will be open throughout the day. Share ideas, and even your work if you choose.
  • Unlimited OnDemand viewing! All conference sessions will be made available for download in the week following the live presentations. Even if you can’t attend every session live, you will be able to view each lecture on your own whenever you choose.