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Congratulations to the Final Draft, Inc. Big Break™ Winners!

The Big Break™ 2009 winners have been announced!

The Big Break™ winners have been announced!

  • WINNER — Wyatt Wakeman — West Hollywood, CA
    Genre: Crime/Drama
    Logline: When the FBI's top agent is sent to a small border town along the U.S.-Mexico border to probe into a drug trafficking murder, the suspects discover a compromising secret about him--jeopardizing the investigation, his career, and his life.
  • 2ND PLACE — Kevin Lee Miller — Los Angeles, CA
    Trigger Mom
    Genre: Crime/Comedy
    Logline: The city's last honest cop protects three mob witnesses from competing hit men only to discover that the most ruthless assassin is... his devoted mother.
  • 3RD PLACE — Karen Briner — Los Angeles, CA
    Genre: Drama
    Logline: When a dispirited old man in a remote South African village believes he's won a car in a sweepstakes, he sells his most treasured possession to finance his journey to the big city only to discover that the prize was never his, and that his actions have sparked an unexpected chain of events.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the entrants who made the 2009 Big Break™ contest a success. We applaud you and are honored to bring recognition to promising screenwriters across the globe.

Liz Alani
Contest Director
Final Draft, Inc.