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This is Why Fauda is the New Homeland

Fauda is a TV series streaming on Netflix. The Decider has compared it to The Wire. It attempts to become the new Homeland. But does it succeed? Sammy Montana weighs in with his verdict.

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Fauda is a TV series streaming on Netflix. The Decider has compared it to The Wire. It attempts to become the new Homeland. But does it succeed? Let's find out.

It's hard to find a great spy action series streaming on Netflix. You don't know what you're getting when you stream any foreign TV show. Personally, I've been sorely disappointed in the past.

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The characters on Fauda speak in Modern Hebrew and conversational Arabic. English subtitles can be challenging to follow on foreign shows due to weak translation. However, the good news is the subtitles are easy to follow on this show! Like Homeland before it was remade, Fauda is a popular Israeli TV show.

Especially relevant is the title of the show. Fauda,which means Chaos in Arabic, is worth binge watching. It makes you feel a variety of emotions.


First of all, every episode feels like riding a roller-coaster. By the end of an episode the roller-coaster dips and maneuvers its way back to the very top, teasing you to look away! That's what I call kick-ass cliffhangers!

However, I expected the Israeli show to bore me to tears. Boy, was I wrong.


It is entertaining and insightful without being preachy regarding Middle East politics. It's characters and plot never forget that the primary purpose is to entertain.

I love how the plot blurs the lines between the good and bad guys. The Israeli and Palestinian operatives face their own set of adventures and inner turmoil.

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Furthermore, a fantastic feature of the show is that it unveils the spy world in different colors as opposed to black and white.

In addition, the plot zooms along with its three-dimensional characters and a clear and unpredictable story. The showrunners weave easy-to-follow stories in the subplot without thinning the main story. I like how you don't know what to expect in every single episode.

Finally, it seems like the story has its own set of biases. If this was an American or Arab show, it would tell a different story. There is another feature that keeps this show compelling...

...And that feature is the most noteworthy...


The Israeli and Arab actors are phenomenal. This feature is great because usually, I find several bad actors on TV shows. Not on Fauda.

As a result, the Israeli and Palestinian operatives are engaging but flawed much like all human beings. Of course I will not reveal any part of the plot other than to say it can be very disturbing at times.


Doron, an Israeli intelligence agent, leaves retirement to fix a botched assassination attempt of a high-ranking HAMAS operative. Killings, emotional and political twists and turns complicate Doron's mission.

Since season 2 has not streamed yet, you have plenty of time to catch up before Netflix unveils it in a few months. On the opposite hand, some people should not watch it. Read on to see if you qualify.

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If you hate reading subtitles, foreign politics, foreign shows and spy shows then this show is not for you. Viewers that prefer Vanilla shows will not enjoy this spy series.

Another point you should remember is that many successful TV shows started out as foreign shows. The Office is a great example.


Make no mistake, if you like some or all of the seasons for Homeland, you will love Fauda.

In conclusion, remember, the characters, plot and cast are entertaining and insightful.

Therefore, I rate the show HALLELUJAH!

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