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TV Writer Podcast: Lisa Alden - Intro to Power of the Pitch

Informative introduction to Lisa Alden's “Power of the Pitch” workshops - learn how to pitch a script for an original TV pilot from somebody who has sold every one in the room! Even if you plan on writing it on spec, learning how to pitch it will exponentially develop your project and save you months of writing wasted drafts.

Are you in L.A. this Saturday, April 19, 2014? Sign up for the 2-day Power of the Pitch seminar ASAP (she's offering it at a discount)! The second day will be May 4th. Get the details on Lisa’s blog:

If you're watching this after the fact, don't worry... there's tons of valuable tips in the presentation.

About Lisa: after a successful career as a movie executive (New Line, Universal, Fox) Lisa joined the second season writing staff of Entourage. After staying there for four amazing years, she moved on to a short-lived NBC show Lipstick Jungle. It was during the WGA strike (that interrupted that show) that she made the decision toto start writing her own TV pilots. In the last few years, she has sold every show that she’s pitched - to Fox21, HBO, MTV and ABC Family. As she continues to pursue her created by” dream, she enjoys teaching other writers how to create their own original pilots and develop the confidence to pitch them. Lisa teaches TV writing in the Professional Program at UCLA, and teaches her successful “Power of the Pitch” workshops at various locations around Los Angeles. She also works one on one with writers in both mediums of television and screenwriting. If you live in West Hollywood and see a tall skinny girl with four crazy dogs and an Urth Cafe coffee cup walking around, that’s probably her. Happy Writing!

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