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Business of Creating

You know how to write. You create compelling characters, write scintillating dialogue, and plot is your middle name. Your mother thinks you’re very talented. If only you knew the ins and outs to marketing and selling your masterpiece. In other words, how do you tackle the business side of creating?

Business of Creating is an ongoing, live, interactive panel series and Q and A with seasoned entertainment executives founded by writer/producer Jennifer Mangan and entertainment marketing executive Michael Fisk. Their Mission is to educate and to empower content creators across all platforms (film, tv, digital) by providing unique opportunities to gain useful information and apply practical action steps both in creating and in selling top-quality projects.

Jennifer and Michael founded Business of Creating in 2018 after realizing there was a need both for the practical information that creatives could apply to their own projects and for the networking opportunities created by people within different fields of entertainment. Creatives could meet, learn from, and network with Producers, Marketers, Financiers, and Distributors within a welcoming and educational atmosphere. Those on the business side of the equation could impart their practical wisdom to those eager to learn and then network afterward. The goal of each panel was and is for attendees to take copious notes that they can then apply to their own projects, giving them a leg up in being properly prepared when meeting with executives.

Jennifer Mangan and Michael Fisk

Jennifer Mangan and Michael Fisk

Previously, Jennifer had co-founded the Women In Film Mini-Upfronts, a red-carpet event showcasing trailers and ripomatics for projects in various stages of development that were seeking distribution. Entries were welcomed from all over the United States. Several entries were fantastic, but several needed guidance to truly have a chance at attracting either a producing partner or distribution. She reached out to Michael Fisk, then the SVP of International Marketing at Sony, about producing a panel on Creating Ripomatics and Trailers. With over 120 local RSVPs, Jennifer and Michael knew this kind of practical information was needed and eagerly awaited by those willing to put in the work and succeed.

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Michael Fisk, currently the EVP of Film Marketing at MGM, is a senior marketing executive in the entertainment industry. He has spearheaded over 400 marketing campaigns for studios like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Warner Bros., and currently for MGM. Fun fact, some of his favorite marketing campaigns that he has worked on have been the James Bond franchise (he’s worked on the last 5) and La La Land. Michael also runs InterMark, the international consulting practice focusing on helping filmmakers, producers, directors and distributors with long-term marketing and strategy. His passion is making your passion project succeed.

Together, Jennifer and Michael have now successfully produced 21 panels under the Business of Creating banner. Past panels have covered a diverse spectrum of topics, including Creating Trailers and Ripomatics, Creating Marketing Materials, Developing Your Project at a Production Company, Navigating Film Festivals, Distribution for Indie Projects, Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns, How to Effectively Publicize Your Project, How to Use Influencers to Market Your Project, Financing Your Project: Funding It All, and Financing Your Project: Sales and Acquisitions.

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Business of Creating is an all-volunteer organization. Panels are free and open to the public, but an RSVP is required.

The next Business of Creating panel will be this Thursday, 25 March at 4:00 PST, in partnership with the Writers Guild Foundation. Our topic this time is Producing, Marketing, and Distributing Faith-Based Projects.

Faith-based projects rarely promote a specific religion. Overall, they promote a set of values the filmmakers wish to uphold within the larger society. How are they similar to other genres, such as action-adventure films, within the scope of producing, marketing, and distribution? This is a growing market both domestically and internationally that rarely gets discussed, except as a niche market. Please note: we will be discussing Christian, Jewish, and Muslim content with several esteemed experts.

Date: Thursday 25 March 2021

Time: 4:00 PST

Details: Join us for a virtual interactive panel and Q and A with seasoned Entertainment professionals to learn about producing, marketing, and distributing faith-based content. Please note: we will be discussing Christian, Jewish, and Muslim content!


  • Michael Swanson/SVP of Production, Universal Television and CEO of Faith Filmworks
  • Amy Conley/Film Studio Executive, formerly at Sony Pictures and Warner Bros.
  • Iman Zawahry/Writer, Director, Producer "Americanish" and Emmy winning comedy Tough Crowd
  • Susan Youssef/Writer/Director of Marjoun and The Flying Headscarf in consideration for an Academy Award nomination.
  • Beth Kruvant/Co-Artistic Director, Berkshire Jewish Film Festival
  • Michael Fisk/Studio Marketing Executive and Owner of InterMark Strategy & Consulting


  • Jennifer Mangan, Writer/Producer, Beautiful Day Productions 

Topics will include:

- The economic size of faith-based markets

- Similarities and Differences in producing and marketing for faith-based content, including within different faiths

- Distributing faith-based content

- Writing for a faith-based audience

- What action steps you, the creator, can take now to make your project rise to the top.

RSVP here. 

As with all our panels with the WGF, this panel is free and open to the public, but a $10 donation goes a long way to keeping the WGF virtual doors open. 

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