Why Spec Scripts Fail Female Part Over/Under Written or Over Exposed – Part 2

Script contributor Stewart Farquar takes a closer look at why legacy entertainment industry has now become part of the problem rather than a solution in terms of providing rich and well-written female characters.


Reel Impact: Movies and TV that Changed History - “24,” Jack Bauer, and the Torture Lie

History is written and rewritten in films and on TV. Frank Deese pulls back the curtain on the beginnings of the hit television series "24" and how it soon influenced contemporary events in America and beyond.


Writing Sci-Fi for Broadcast

Script contributor Tara Bennett speaks with current sci-fi showrunners Jeff Rake (Manifest), Chris Sheridan (Resident Alien), J.H. Wyman (Debris) and Todd Helbing (Superman & Lois) about how they’ve approached making successful, mainstream sci-fi TV today.


The Structure of WandaVision

Whether it’s the dialogue you want to learn more about, or the structure, or aesthetic, 'WandaVision' will be worthy of study by writers for a long time. Bryan Young examines the storytelling techniques used in the nine-part Disney+ series.


How To Get Your Script Contest Ready

Screenwriters are desperate to jump-start their careers. There are different avenues to achieve that, like entering competitions, internships, query letters, and networking, but no clear path into the industry. This webinar aims to help screenwriters focus on one of the best ways to break in: contests.


THE WRITER’S VOICE PART 3: Applying Your Voice to Multiple Genres and Formats

In the final installment of this series in how to establish your writer's voice, TV writer/screenwriter Aadip Desai provides tools on how to apply your voice to multiple genres and formats.


Doubling Down on Authentic Storytelling with ‘Best Sellers’ Screenwriter Anthony Grieco and Director Lina Roessler

In this special double-header interview, Script's Editor speaks with 'Best Sellers' creative team screenwriter Anthony Grieco and director Lina Roessler about approaching storytelling, connecting to authentic characters, and tapping into your unique vision and voice.

EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE-Photoby-John-Rogers-RegencyEntertainment

From Stage to Screen with ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ Screenwriter Tom MacRae

Screenwriter Tom MacRae talks about his new film and musical 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie', writing in historical and personal significance into the movie and adapting his stage play to a film. Plus, he shares insight on his lyric writing process and offers advice for scribes interested in writing a musical.


Screenwriters Need a Change of Scenery Too: The Importance of Writers Residencies

Script contributor Sonya Alexander shares three reasons why screenwriters should consider participating in a writers' residency to focus, network, and find complete isolation in your work.


Ask the Coach: Do Experts Help or Hinder Writers From Reaching Their Goals?

Welcome back to “Ask the Coach," today’s question is about whether or not writing and marketing experts and gurus help writers or just get in the way.

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The World of the AAA Screenwriter An Interview with Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman

The World of the AAA Screenwriter: An Interview with Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman

Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman are the scribes behind this freewheeling love letter to gameplay. Though they have very different perspectives, the commonality of their sense of humor and ability to invert the action narrative makes them complementary to each other’s style. The “open worlds” they create in many of their stories allow our imaginations to travel to uncharted territories, guided by their airtight storytelling.


WHY SPEC SCRIPTS FAIL: Female Part Over/Under Written or Over Exposed – Part 3

Script contributor Stewart Farquar examines why the old "formula" of female characters is dwindling at the box office, how female characters are making a mark in independent and mini-series productions and why now is the time for scribes to treat female characters as people.

TheWhiteLotus-HBO (1)


Tom catches up on some films that have been around for a while, such as 'Shiva Baby', 'Kajillionaire', 'First Cow', 'Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard', 'Soul', as well as one newbie, 'The White Lotus'.


SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Ep 397 With Screenwriter Geoffrey D. Calhoun

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with fellow podcaster Geoffrey D. Calhoun. He is the author of the book, "The Guide For Every Screenwriter" and has writing credits on movies such as 'S.O.S'. and 'Sirens Of Chrome'.


Maria Judice: Running the Show From the Bay Area

Script contributor Thuc Nguyen speaks one-on-one with filmmaker Maria Judice about her filmmaking journey, her current projects her open-source Black Film list she created, teaching and so much more!


DEFUND at TIFF21: Making Films That Matter When They Matter

Script contributor Heather Taylor had the opportunity to speak to actors-turned-directors Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah and Araya Mengesha about their directorial debut, DEFUND, the importance of community and grace, and why you shouldn't wait for permission to create.