ScriptMag Expert Series: Essential Tips on Story Structure from the Writer of ‘Die Hard 2’

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Have you ever wondered how professional screenwriters discover story structure? Gain insights into what makes a solid story foundation with our free webinar with Doug Richardson, who has written the box-office hits Die Hard 2, Bad Boys, and Hostage and also is a novelist, currently writing the Lucky Dey thriller series. Discover tips on how to organically create the compelling story structure Hollywood wants.

Learn story structure tips from a professional screenwriter!

Every writer has their own strategy for creating a solid foundation to their story. Moviegoers and Hollywood executives also have a certain expectation as to how a film will flow. The trick is finding a story structure that matches both your style as a writer and also the industry’s expectation. After decades of being a professional writer, story structure is second nature to him. Doug will share some of his tips and overall philosophy on creating a solid foundation for your screenplay or novel.ScriptMag Editor, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, sits down with Doug to candidly discuss his writing process, as he shares outlining tips, whether to use “beat sheets” and formula, and how to take your idea from logline to outline to help you enjoy your writing process even more.Doug talks extensively about finding an intuitive process, but for before you can develop that skill for creating story structure, you need to know the rules of class story structure. To help, we’re also including a FREE Story Structure Grid to download when you sign up for the on-demand webinar!


  • How to face the blank page and win
  • The importance of finding the organizing principle of your story
  • What to do when your story structure isn’t working
  • How to outline using index cards
  • How to create a structure that is organic
  • What is a “Hot Sheet”
  • How to find those great dramatic moments and where to put them in your story


  • Writers who struggle with starting a new story
  • Writers who want to learn new outlining techniques
  • Writers who have script ideas but need help implementing them
  • Writers who are rewriting and need a more solid structure
  • Writers about to start a new script
  • Writers interested in adaptation
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves to approach story structure in a new way

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