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Posting instructions for ScriptMag contributors.
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Welcome to the ScriptMag family of writers!

Our whole family of contributors are all listed on ScriptMag Contributor Blogs along with their Twitter handles so we can all connect!

Please send your profile picture (square works best with the site design) and bio (approximately 50-100 words) to our editor, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, at A contributor account will then be set up for you on our WordPress site and your password will be emailed to you. Once we've agreed on a column title, please send a 100-word description of your column to the editor, and a unique category will be created just for your content.

Password and User Profile:

Once logged into the site, please change your password to one you can easily remember. To access your profile, go to "Dashboard" and choose "Your Profile" on the left. If you change your bio description, remember hyperlinks are written in HTML code. If you aren't familiar with HTML or if at any point you forget your password, simply email the editor at, and your password will be reset.

Please watch this YouTube video on Instructions for WordPress Posting, specifically recorded for ScriptMag contributors. It walks you through inputting a post from beginning to ending with tips on SEO and driving traffic to your articles.


It's critical that the SEO portion of your posts be filled out completely in order to drive more traffic to your articles. Here is a simple instructional video to help you easily complete that portion.

More SEO training materials you should review (PowerPoints):

  1. Intro to Search Engine Optimization
  2. Keyword Research 101 (see list of keywords at bottom of this post)
  3. How to Use Google Visibility Reports (GVRs) - Download Script Magazine's GVR here (Excel spreadsheet).
  4. On-Page Optimization
    Here is a handy SEO checklist to ensure targeted areas on a page are optimized to their fullest potential (Word document).
  5. Download a free PDF course on Effective SEO Strategies.



HTML: Note: If you need some schooling on HTML coding, a great HTML tutorial is on

Word Count: Typically, people’s attention spans are short, therefore try to keep your posts 1,000 - 1,500 words. But if the content requires more words to serve the purpose of the article, by all means, use them or create a two-part post.

Paragraphs: Keep them short, as it’s easier on the reader’s eyes.

Language: Keep it clean and appropriate for the audience.


  • Please put all movie and book titles in italics, not quotations or CAPS.
  • The new standard is one space after a period instead of two.
  • When using the abbreviation for Los Angles, it should appear as "L.A." (with periods, instead of LA).


  • When creating links, ALWAYS check the box "Open link in new window/tab."
  • Please try to link to other ScriptMag articles when possible, especially your own and also any relevant product at The Writers Store.

Tagging: Tag posts with words you believe readers would use to search for that specific article, for example, if it's about dialogue, you'd want to add tags "dialogue, writing dialogue, how to write dialogue" etc. If you mention names of movies or talent in the article, tag those as well.

Article Titles: Try to create a title for your post with a desirable keyword for the best SEO practices. Titles are subject to change, based on the editor's choice of keyword.

PICTURES: *It's CRITICAL to use pictures without copyright restrictions!*

  • Each post uses a featured image that needs to be horizontal in order to place it in the pictures showcase on the home page. These images ideally would be larger files, at least 500 x 300. Smaller images will not display properly in the showcase slideshow.
  • Be sure to credit images appropriately OR ensure that they are in the public domain and have no copyright restrictions. Using improperly credited images could result in legal action against you and Script. A lot of free images still require you to attribute the image to the photographer's site or image source site!
  • Here are various articles on how to obtain pictures without copyright restrictions.

Sites to Find Royalty Free Images: Be sure the images are free for use, even commercial use. Some free images still require you to attribute credit to the photographer or a link to the image source site!

*NOTE: Movie Posters and other images from produced films are considered Fair Use, if the article falls into a commentary or review of the particular movie or photo used.*

Further Instructions for finding Royalty Free Images:

  • 1) Go to Google Image search
  • 2) Type in whatever you're searching for...
  • 3) In the upper right hand corner, click on the GEAR icon and then click on Advanced search link.
  • 4) On the Advanced search page, go right on down the line and fill out the search information...
  • a) Search word or phrase in the "Find pages with..." section.
  • b) Any other info under the "Then narrow your results by..." BUT specifically, next to "usage rights:" be sure to click on the "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" and then click on the "Advanced Search" button.
  • Even after searching for "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" you may still be required to credit the photographer. If you do NOT want to have to take that step, be sure to ONLY post photos that say "No attribution required." 

BOTTOM-LINE: If you are not 100% certain the image is free to use, or if you have used proper attribution, either include a link to the image in your post, so the editor can double-check, or do NOT post an image at all. The importance of proper sourcing cannot be stressed enough.


When your article if finished, please submit it for review and email the editor at stating it’s ready for editing.


Please share your Twitter username with the editor, as our @scriptmag account always tweets out articles. Please tweet your articles and share them on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. Feel free to read other articles by our contributors and share those as well. You can find a full list of our contributors here: ScriptMag Contributor Blogs. Get to know each other!


Please try to use as many relevant keywords in your titles and within the posts themselves. This will help your SEO ranking significantly! KEYWORDS:

adapting a book for the screen
adapting a screenplay into a novel
steps of adaptation obtaining rights
writing an adaptation

Business of screenwriting:
getting an agent
getting an manager
getting representation

tent pole ideas
hooking the reader
marketable screenplay ideas
high concept

Romantic Comedy
Holiday Films

Film distribution
Film Festivals
independent filmmaking
financing a film

web series
comic books
graphic novels
Video game writing

producing a play
how to write a stage play

Script reader
story consultant
script consultant
taking notes
getting feedback
script editing
screenplay feedback

Screenplay writing
Screenwriting jobs
Script Writing
Movie Scripts
script submission
shooting scripts
screenwriting for animation

TV Scripts
writing a TV pilot
writing a spec pilot
creating a TV show
show bibles
how to write a show bible
writing a pilot
writing a spec
writing a procedural
one hour drama
movie of the week (MOW)

Short films:
writing a short film
short film structure

Character development
Dialogue writing
plot development
point of view
Story mapping

beat sheet
screenplay structure
formatting a screenplay

Screenwriting Contests:
writing contest
screenwriting contests
screenwriting contest to launch your career

Selling your script:
Pitching your script
marketing your script
query letters
one sheets
writing a query letter
writing a one sheet
how to write a query letter
how to write a one sheet
how to write a logline
networking outside of LA
networking outside of Hollywood
online networking
offline networking
screenwriting conferences
breaking into screenwriting
finding a producer
finding an agent

Writing Inspiration:
facing writing fears
writer's block
writing motivation
setting goals
writing coach
career coach
screenwriting coach

If at any point you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the editor:

Again, welcome to the ScriptMag family!